Three…Extremes (2004)

There are horror movies and then there are Asian horror movies.   If you are unfamiliar with Asian Horror then Three… Extremes would be the perfect introductory course to this genre.   Three Extremes is a collection of three short movies from three of Asia’s leading horror directors.

The first of the three movies  is Dumplings, presented by the Hong Kong filmmaker and producer Fruit Chan.  Dumplings is the story of an aging  television actress who is willing to eat anything to recapture the beauty and vibrancy of her youth.   Losing the affections of her husband to younger women she seeks out Aunt Mei (Bai Ling) to rejuvenate her youthful beauty.  The pragmatic yet disturbingly sinister Aunt Mei is all too willing to help her and other women by cooking up dumplings known for restoring the fountain of youth in people.  Little does Aunt Mei’s customers know about the horrific side effects to come from such a diet.  Like many Asian horror movies, Dumplings can be difficult to watch if one is not accustomed to movies that push the boundaries of decency.

The second movie presented is Cut by Korean horror master  Chan-wook Park who is best known for his Vengeance Trilogy.   Cut is the story of a successful Korean film director who along with his wife is taken hostage by a deranged lunatic intent on making the actor choose between doing unspeakable and horrific things to an innocent child or risk having his wife mutilated in front of his own eyes.   Well directed and well-acted, Cut is an odd combination of horror and humor mixed together with deft effect.

The final of the three short films is Box, directed by Japan’s Takashi Miike.  Perhaps the most understated and definitely the least gory of the three movies, Box tells the story of Kyoko, a writer who has the recurring dream of being trapped in a box and buried alive.  The slow pace and magnificent visual imagery of this film lend to its mysterious and foreboding tone which is characteristically different from the bloody gore fests that Miike has directed in the past.


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  1. Wow this seems interesting, I like the movie poster!

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